Space hotels
By:Beyond Apollo

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The issue that needs to be solved

What the Space hotel is solving
There is a big problem when it comes to exploring space, and that problem is how expensive it is to build parts for all these spaceships and drones that are sent to space, or other parts needed for space exploration. The large debt owed by the United States (16.3 trillion) makes it very hard for any space program to get money.
Due to this problem we are not able to explore parts of space we’ve always wanted to, and things we send out to space could be better if only we had the money to spend of them. They could also be sent out earlier because all the parts could be built right then instead of having parts right there and waiting for the money to build the rest.
The way we will solve this is by allowing up to six people the chance to go and stay at the Space Hotel for 6, 12, or 18 months, for each six months an individual pays $100,000. Using this money we can pay for many things that space exploration needs, and the parts will be made quicker better and stronger. With the money we can make sure the drones get to unexplored planets faster and make the pictures it takes comeback faster too.


The blue prints of the hotel

THe room Design

In case you are wondering how can we make you feel comfortable while drifting along the big unknown away from home. We will be in total control of the hotel. We will have thrusters directing the hotel in the desired direction. By using liquid Nitrogen we can "boost" you into multiple directions. We can also use this to simulate gravity by using rotation. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Your Destination Shortly

This is your future! A hotel... no more then a hotel... A SPACE Hotel, where you can actually stay in all the comfort of a normal hotel just in SPACE!